Boden James

So I thought I would start with introducing you to my inspiration, Boden.

Bodes 1st blogHe is chunky thighed, messy, incredibly loud at times and currently a bit on the grabby side. He loves his food and it would seem that eating is his happy place, that and a bit of row, row your boat.

The realisation that I was potentially pregnant hit me on a Friday night down the nappy aisle in Morrison’s after work.  We had not long bought our first house which was currently a building site and our kitchen consisted of a small electric hob, balanced on a couple of bricks and a washing up bucket on the floor which we filled up with a kettle and the outside hose pipe. This meant that we had to get our shit together pretty quickly. If ever you need motivation to get things done, there’s no need for a hot poker. Throw a baby in the mix.

Pregnancy was not my finest hour (9 months and 5 days) and I definitely ate for two, sometimes three on a bad day. Hot cross buns, pears and peanut butter on toast were pretty much my staple and being 9 months pregnant in one of the hottest summers ever was less than a pleasant experience. So by the time he arrived, I was more than thrilled to make his acquaintance – minus the obvious labour part.

Since then he has been my little buddy, we have had some dark times… motherhood is not all cuddles, and kisses and coffee with perfectly manicured nails but it’s been an unexpected win for me and a perfectly timed surprise.

So that’s how he came about, and that’s where this installment of life began…


One thought on “Boden James

  1. You are a witty, intelligent writer and quite simply a fabulous mum. So much fun to do this and to share your thoughts, ideas & recipes with mums everywhere. I am an incredibly proud mum and a very lucky granny!


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