Sitting on bricks…

So I’m writing this as I watch my beautiful, blonde haired champ stand on the spot trying to push out a turd, or as my dear Dad would say ‘hoy humpty’. Best not to ask, this is the same parent who let me think the nursery rhyme was 3 blind rats, enough said there. So it got me thinking that I should maybe share my love of prunes in a parental capacity with anyone else who has a baby/toddler who desperately needs to go.

When I think of prunes I think of my Nanna and my Dad who for as long as I can remember have banged on about prunes being the ultimate instigator in bowel movements.

When we moved onto weaning, bowels and poo became even more prevalent – if it’s actually possible when you’ve spent the last 6 months literally elbow deep in shit. However, any parent will tell you that when the food starts, the poo takes on a whole new entity. It becomes very ‘human’.

So I thought I would share my recipe for the bunged up babe:

1 apple, 1 carrot, 1 parsnip and about 5 prunes. Peel and chop the first 3 and boil them up until soft, chuck in the prunes and whizz up. Portion it up and pop it in the freezer once it’s cool. My little boy loved this combo and it saved us from a world of pain!

NB. This concoction mixed with a very foolish week day hangover whilst on maternity nearly left me in a very difficult predicament on one particular occasion, so as a tip… do not feed this to your child if you intend to consume alcohol in the next 12 hours. It helps them out but the nappy will be your demise.

He now just eats plain prunes, I think it’s madness and literally can’t stomach the things but there we go. Win.


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