It’s all down to the timing…

A very brief note on transforming oats into something utterly delicious, completely indulgent and totally manageable for the inept bakers of the world.

I very rarely venture into the realms of flour and baking soda unless I absolutely have to, and flapjacks are my fallback when we’re out of any shop bought naughtiness.

So here’s the recipe (more of a preparation guide to be honest), I feel this is perfect for a rainy Saturday.

Also, I don’t tend to add raisins. I hate it when the ones on top burn.

Oven on at 150-170, depending on whether you have a fan or not.

Grease and line a baking tin, I use one that is 9 inches x 9 inches

175g butter

175g dark brown sugar

150-175g golden syrup (go for 150g if you’re adding a handful of chocolate chips)

350g oats

Melt the butter, sugar and syrup together in a pan

Once that’s all melted and lovely, add the oats and give it all a good stir. Now would also be the time to add the chocolate chips, they will melt obviously. Or you could leave the mixture to cool a little before adding them.

Bake in the oven for about 35-50 mins, now this is the crucial point. You want them crispy on the edges but gooey on the inside. So keep an eye after 35 mins and whip them out when it looks set in the middle and caramalised on the edges.

Leave to cool, it’s oh so tempting to cut and eat the straight away – don’t. Hot sugar is haaaaat. They’re also easier to cut when cooled.

And then share them, or hide them and eat them all to yourself with a cup of tea when child/children are sleeping.



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